Company Annual Filling

Company compliance is all about Annual e-filling after completion of one year. As per the Companies Act, 2013 when the company completed 1 year, it’s high time to start work on the Annual return & director’s report of the achievements. In this Act, there are many amendments and circular passed after 2013. It is mandatory for every company that is incorporated or registered in the ministry of corporate affairs has to file the Annual report, either it’s public limited or private limited. The company has to file the return along with the necessary documents. The annual filing includes all the documents related to filing financial statements. And other information like registered office address, shares and debentures details, registered members, and all information about the company. It shows the financial track record of the Company and the record of the growth of the Company in past years is shown. We have a separate wing of experts handling matters for Company Annual Filing, providing help at every single stage of the process.

  • In every financial year, every company (its Pvt. or ltd) needs to comply with annual filing with ROC. In our experience, there are many entrepreneurs who are not attentive towards the annual filling and if they are attentive they tend to ignore it. And the result of this penalty.
  • It is mention in the Companies Act that every company has to file their financial reports all the profit and loss after the company annual general meeting within 30 days.
  • A copy of the Balance Sheet is to be filed with ROC within 30 days from the date of the Annual General Meeting.
  • Annual returns can also be filled in electronic mode with ROC within 30 days.
  • If a general meeting is not held then the annual return is mandatory to be filled in 30 days as the AGM held.
  • As per the Companies Act, the return should be filled digitally by attaching the certificates.
  • If a company is listed in a stock exchange then the Secretary has to fill the ROC digitally.

All these Reports has to be filled:-

Financial Statement

  • Reports of Director and Auditor
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account

Track Record

  • Track financial position of the Company
  • Growth of the Company is determined

Shareholding Pattern

  • Promoter’s Contribution
  • Other than Promoter’s Contribution


  • Mandatory e-filing
  • Initiative towards Digital India

Types of Forms

  • Form AOC- 4 for Financial Statement
  • Form MGT- 7 for Annual Return

Procedure for the Annual Return:-

  • Registration

It is a onetime process. So you have to fill the form manually or electronically.

  • Download E-form

Go to the ministry of corporate affairs site. And open a link for annual filling there is a form for company annual compliance. Download that form from the given link.

  • Fill E-form

After downloading the form from the MCA site. Then you have to fill the form and attached all the required documents for completing the site. Its takes time of 1 working day.

  • Submission of E-form

As for all the required details fill in the form you have to submit the form on the MCA site. Its take time of 2 working days.

  • Make Payment

Fee calculation by the system automatically. So you need not worry about the fee. As you submit the fees. To complete the procedure it will take the time of 2 days.

Advantages of Company Compliance:-

  • Easy Transfer-ability
  • Uninterrupted Existence
  • Owning Property
  • Borrowing Capacity
  • Annual Return Preparation
  • Annual Return Verification
  • Project Finalization
  • Stay Disciplined
  • Regular Updates
1. Is ROC is mandatory ?
Yes. ROC return gives details of changes taken place in the company during the year and need to be filed with the ROC even though the company has not done any business during the year.
Is their any specific form needs to be fill??and other aspect that follow to complete procedure??
The eForms to be filed for Annual ROC filing is:
MGT-7 – Annual return
AOC- 4 – Financial Statements, Balance Sheet & P&L Account
  • First Annual Filing of the Company is due on the 30th December of the next year from the date of Incorporation and
  • Subsequent Annual Filing is due on the 30th September of the same year in which the Financial Year of the Company ends.
  • Penalty for delay of up to 30 days -2 times of normal fees. and penalty is multiplied as the delay
2. What is Company Compliance ?

All Companies are under obligation to maintain the annual accounts which should reflect genuine and authentic information/views of its state and affairs. If even the COMPANY does not do any business in the market still it has to comply with the statutory requirement of Annual Return, profit, Balance Sheet and Income Tax Return every year. The fee depends on the capital of the Company.

3. Is Annual Return needed to be filed by a COMPANY ?

Every COMPANY needs to file an annual return. The annual return is also available for public inspection once payment of prescribed fees is made to the Registrar.

4. Why audit is mandatory in company Act ?

It is mandatory irrespective of capital or turnover of the Company.

5. Who are liable to file Annual return ?

To file the return the director and manager is liable ,that is the director of the company has to sign the form of filling the return. and if the managing director /CS  is not their then directors of the company has to file return, it is mandatory.

6. What is Financial Statement ?
As we all know all the company registered under the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA). So they have do follow proper procedure . they created balance sheet for showing their assets and liabilities. And financial statement created by Director of the business.


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