Social Media Integration

Social Media is one of the fastest growing and most used forms of marketing in the world today.

The days of buying ad space in magazines and newspapers are gone and they have been replaced by marketing your content and products through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Small Businesses have a lot to gain by integrating social media websites into their general Web presence. Not only do social media sites like Facebook and Twitter serve as general hangouts, but they also provide opportunities to spread your message as a business, to connect with your target audience better and to get to know your fellow small business owners more personally. Because social media has no hours of business, you can interact and connect at any time from anywhere with an Internet connection.

When you use social media properly, you get to know potential customers, and they get to know you. You build trust and authority with your responses and build loyalty by getting personal. This may result in a sale today or years down the line.

Social Media Adoption Plan:-

Social Media Integration

  1. Devise an appropriate, tactically-agnostic social media strategy.

  2. Audit your current marketing, and add social media ingredients.

  3. Where necessary, add new social media programs.


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5 Ways To Achieve Cross-Media Synergy With Social Media:-

Social Media Integration

  1. Your Payoff is Content: Social media is useless unless there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Your content is the cornerstone of your marketing. When you share graphics and engage in witty repartee, the purpose is to gain interest and to entice people to want to learn more. But while a great visual may get you lots of shares, it’s not going to convert customers. When they get to your site, your content has to be as interesting as the post that attracted them.

  2. Target Your Ads: Targeting can be tricky. You have to really know your audience. One of the most powerful and often overlooked weapons for brick-and-mortar businesses or event campaigns is Facebook’s local ad targeting.

  3. Create an Opt-in Landing Page: Build your email list with opt-in for your most valuable content. If you’ve targeted correctly and your content is excellent, most people will not mind handing over an email address.

  4. Integrate Your E-mail Marketing: If you’re doing social media right, you’re encouraging readers to sign up for your email list, sending out targeted emails and offering valuable content. In addition, your emails should contain links back to your social media, in order to encourage Twitter followers to connect with you on Facebook or Instagram.

  5. Be Consistent: Being consistent isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Your potential audience might be people with a wide demographic range. Or worse, your brand might be a little too salty for some venues.