Content Management

Content Management (CM) is the process for collection, delivery, retrieval, governance, and overall management of information in any format. The term is typically used in reference to the administration of the digital content life cycle, from creation to permanent storage or deletion. The content involved may be images, video, audio, and multimedia as well as text.

Content Management System (CMS) is a program that helps in maintaining, controlling, changing, and reassembling the content on a web page. Content is mostly kept in a database and assembled using a flexible language like XML or .Net. The user interacts with the system at the front through a normal web browser. From there the web pages can be edited while maintaining control on parts of the layout.


The three key features of any CMS are as follows:-

  1. The ability to design, create and maintain personalized content for a website.

  2. The ability for editors to review and approve content prior to publication.

  3. An automated publishing process.


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Additional Features That Might Be Included are:-

Content Management

  • Automated, standard templates
  • Controlled access to the page
  • Scalable expansion to allow for growth
  • Tools that allow for easy editing
  • Easily installed plug-ins to extend existing functionality
  • Regular software updates
  • Workflow management
  • Collaboration tools allowing for multiple users to modify the content
  • Document management
  • Content distribution and content update emails to users
  • Ability to display content in various languages
  • Allowing editors to retrieve previous versions of the content